Silas Collins

Senior Creative

Silas has always known what we wanted to be. He’s got a degree in Photography and over 20 years of experience in the creative industry, making him one of our most Senior Creatives.

“In the creative world, you never stop learning. Every project is an opportunity to try something new, whether that’s a new lighting technique or a new piece of tech. It’s a wonderful journey!” – Silas.

Silas joined Powerhouse in 2016, after a few years of freelancing. His expertise and great attention to detail perfectly capture the spirit of our business. He’s mastered commercial photography like no other and has worked his magic on countless occasions – for a whole host of clients and brands. Refining ideas, styles, and techniques, and executing them in the best way possible.

What gets him most excited about his role here at Powerhouse is, on one hand, the fact that there’s usually cake laying around (which more often than not leads to overindulgence) and on the other -every photographer’s obsession- a “proper” lit setup. Of course.