9 videos that are actually images

When we start to think about incorporating video assets into digital campaigns, often it can be followed by thinking this will require bigger crews, bigger production and inevitably bigger budgets. But you still want to get the best ROI from what you’re putting out there, right?

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March 2, 2021

Silas Collins

Well… cue the 2.5D Parallax!

The Parallax technique is a panning and zooming effect that is used to create a ‘video’ from still images, giving the viewer the impression of motion. It works by shooting through or past elements in the foreground, whilst focusing on the main subject. If you think of these elements as layers, the more ‘layers’ you have, the more effective a parallax can be. The motion part comes when we isolate and animate each element in the post-production stage.

What’s great about using this technique is, because it adds motion to what was originally a still image, it gets the same online rankings as video content but uses the same crew and budgets as your photography – result!

Here’s some examples of Parallax shots that I’ve pulled together to show just how effective this technique can be:

If you’re wanting to incorporate 2.5D Parallax into your next campaign, here are some questions to consider to get the most effective shots:

  • What camera angle might you like to shoot at?

  • What will the scene look like and which elements would you like to be ‘moving’?

  • How many layers to the set are you planning on having?

  • Thinking about start and end points, how will the elements move in the final animation?