Victoria Harley

Lead Creative

Vic got a BA Hons in Photography and a Master under her belt, but it’s not been all smooth sailing for her. When she finished her studies, Vic went through a period of not really knowing what to do. She worked in kitchens in the early stages of her career, as she was (and still is) a huge foodie.

It wasn’t until she had a conversation with her brother, in which she sent a recipe with a “self-styled” photo, that she’d thought of combining her two passions, food and photography.

This inspired her to pursue a career in Commercial Photography. She started by shooting on kitchen tables, crafted a recipe book, shot for national magazines, and even did work on a TV programme, developing supportive recipes. All puzzle pieces were nicely falling into place.

From being in the industry, Powerhouse was a name that she’d always heard of. So, with a clear mind of what she wanted to do in life, she dropped us a line (around 5 years ago) to see if there were any jobs going… and the rest is history.

Vic is a big part of our team, and to be completely honest, we couldn’t imagine the studios without her in them. Her creativity and an insatiable curiosity to keep learning, pushing the boundaries and innovating, are a testament to her talent.

“One project I’m especially proud of is the creation of Powerhouse Pete, our first ever clay character. I’ve always adored stop motion, so being able to learn from the guys at Aardman and put it into practice was an absolute dream” – Vic.