Rufus Davies

Junior Photographer

Passionate and optimistic. Rufus is our Junior Photographer at our built-in studio at Iceland Foods. He studied Photography A Level, but funnily enough, doesn’t credit any of his photography skills to this. Rufus taught himself as much as he could and gave everything a good go because he was so passionate about photography, before joining us early 2022. This passion came from simply picking up a hand-me-down camera aged 15 and falling in love with shooting instantly!

Rufus’ hard work has paid off in multiple occasions, reaching the final of the North Wales Art Exhibition 2021 and having 4 of his art pieces framed and up in the gallery of his local theatre.

“I felt like there wouldn’t be any opportunities near me living in North Wales. However, this perfect-in-every-way role at Powerhouse popped up! Powerhouse took me under their wing and I’ve never stopped learning since!” – Rufus.

If you ask him what project he feels most proud of, he’ll tell you it’s his first social job… Halloween Desserts for Iceland Foods. Rufus was asked to jump in to cover one of his colleagues, and the results were brilliant – may me say so ourselves!

The most memorable TV ad for him this year? Yorkshire Tea’s advert featuring Patrick Stewart. Funny, witty and who doesn’t love a celeb cameo?

When he’s not in the studios, you can find him at the seaside… or in the mountains… or in the forest. Somewhere outdoors photographing stunning landscapes.