Rich White

Photography Director

The reason we’re all here today. The founder of Powerhouse.

Rich has been in the creative industry for as long as he remembers! It all started with a (deep) shared passion for photography with his dad. As a young child he used to spend countless hours in their makeshift darkroom in the loft, developing and printing film. This passion for photography combined with a love for food, people, giving clients an exceptional experience, as well as getting the work-life balance right, led him to open his own Production Company. Little did he know…

But it was one of his clients, Neil Fox, from Endon Lighting, who gave him the confidence that he could make this business work in the very early days.

Since then, he’s seen the company, studio spaces, team and capabilities grow at levels he never thought of. All whilst still keeping the real essence of Powerhouse. We were, and still are, a place where people show up to do what they love the most. We loved, and still love, good food, company, and content. We ate, and still eat, together every day, get stuck into our work, and never compromise.

When he’s not in the studios, you can find him in the wheel of his motorhome heading to France. Or more usually, stuffing clothes into the washing machine keeping up with all the laundry that his young family produces!