Tony Lendill

Technical Director

Calm, cool and collected… and extremely knowledgeable. Tony’s one of our most experienced team members, he’s our photographer, videographer, technical director, and so much more. He’s been in the industry for over 30 years and has therefore seen the progression from the wonderful world of film to digital photography. He’s genuinely passionate about the constant changing landscape of the creative space, and certainly can’t imagine himself doing anything else.

Tony joined Powerhouse as second photographer about 7 months from founding, having worked with Rich previously, he knew he wanted to work alongside him.
Little did he know that 23 years later… he’d have a fantastic team he could trust to deliver and push a high standard across commercial photography and video production. But most importantly, a bunch of people he could have a great time with. We spend most of our lives at work… so we have to make it worth it, right?

Tony puts its all into every single shoot, his attention to detail is immaculate and settles for nothing less than perfect. What he enjoys the most about his job is creating the composition, lighting and delighting the client. Shockers! He’s worked in a whole host of projects over the years, each more special than the previous, but he’s particularly proud of a video shoot for Bacardi and working with Ainsley Harriott – a true legend.

When he’s not in the studios, you’ll find him at the top of the Dales, riding his mountain bike!