Powerhouse returns to its origins after 25 years

Powerhouse, the brainchild of Rich White originated in May 1999, fuelled by a deep passion for photography and a desire to revolutionise industry norms for their long-working hours.

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Inspired by his early experiences in his father’s makeshift darkroom, Rich envisioned a business that not only excelled in capturing moments but also prioritised work-life balance for the team.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a business that did amazing photography but actually went home at a reasonable hour before the kids went to bed,” reminisces Rich. “A place where clients didn’t just feel like customers, but like part of a family.”

“I just couldn’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work. And 25 years later, it still does.”

Since its inception, the name Powerhouse has painted the picture of dynamism –power- and familial warmth –house-. This vision quickly garnered the support of fellow directors Tony Lendill and his brother-in-law, Neil Adams. Together, they have worked tirelessly to create a vibrant culture, felt by team members and clients alike.

Neil Adams, CEO of Powerhouse reflects on the evolution of the business, “What initially began as a photography company quickly expanded into the world of film. However, amidst recent experimentation with more strategic, data-driven, and distribution services, it’s fair to say we lost sight of our essence.”

Now, on the cusp of its 25th anniversary, Powerhouse is reaffirming its commitment to its founding principles. With a team that has expanded from 3 to 25 members, the company remains dedicated to its core values of care, craftsmanship and creativity.

Today, Powerhouse is realigning its focus, honing in on its expertise in production. The company’s refined approach combines the craft and meticulous care of a boutique experience with the efficiency and scale necessary to deliver outstanding results in a saturated marketing and advertising landscape. With an extensive studio space spanning 14,000 square feet and an in-house team of creatives and producers delivering quality and value at every step of the process.

Neil adds, “Whether it’s capturing a single shot or hundreds, packaging photography or outdoor advertising, social media reels or TV ads, our business model enables us to work seamlessly across the spectrum.”

Yet what truly sets Powerhouse apart is its holistic approach to production. Going beyond traditional photography and film services, the company specialises in “Production Strategy”. This involves carefully analysing a brand’s content plans to determine the most efficient way of producing it, regardless of the scale: enhancing value for clients while optimising budget allocation and working as sustainably as possible.

This commitment reflects Powerhouse’s ethos of improving lives and redefining industry standards.

Neil, looks back at the company’s journey, emphasising the pride he takes in the growth and success of his team.

“I’m massively proud of the work we’ve produced, but for me, most of all, it’s about the people,” says Neil. “Some started their careers here and have gone on to start their own businesses. To watch those people, thrive and grow, there’s no better feeling,” he continues “and the team we have now, they’re absolute world-beaters.”

As Powerhouse marks a quarter of a century, with a renewed focus, the company is poised to continue shaping the future of the industry for years to come.

Rich adds, “As one of the first commercial studios in the UK to embrace digital photography all those years ago, we have never been afraid to embrace change and allow our business to evolve. While the future brings exciting new tech and opportunities, we will never stray away from what makes us, us.”