Stevie Wareing


Positive, driven, and adventurous. Stevie is our Photographer at our built-in studio at Iceland Foods. She got a BA Honours in Photography and has been in the industry for 7 years. Starting out as a Studio Assistant and “Retoucher” in furniture and fashion… but always knowing she had a deep passion for food from her experimental days at Uni.

Stevie’s greatest achievement within the industry was winning the Deans Award for creative practise for her final major project at University. The project was a creation of an abandoned world of imagination, where she built and lit multiple forest sets in the studios using different objects bought to life as the centre point.

Stevie joined Powerhouse in October 2020, having just moved back to North Wales from 2 years in Australia with a plan to get back into the full time Commercial Photography Industry. She first became aware of Powerhouse at Uni through a guest lecture from Rich White.

“I’ve moved up in the ranks over time and learnt a lot along the way. Having the opportunity and encouragement to expand my skills, crafting light and building sets. It’s been an exciting couple of years with the team” – Stevie.

Being part of the in-house Iceland team, Stevie regularly works with brands launching products to sell in store. The most memorable project to date was Lewis Capaldi’s pizzas, the products were great, big cheesy pizzas with incredible cheese pulls. The brand was colourful and graphic which allowed her to play with different sets and the famous technique, stop-motion.

“I would like to shoot with more brands that have sustainability at their core, as companies become more aware of their impact on the world, we as a photographic industry need to follow. I want to be a part of that change and help companies promote their environmental stance.” – Stevie.

When she’s not in the studios, you can find her exploring the country, up mountains, paddle boarding or… eating out!