Sarah Worcester

Motion Graphics Designer

Sarah has been in the industry for over 6 years. She did a degree in Media Production at the University of Lincoln, and has worked in creative agencies before joining Powerhouse, the most recent being Stickyeyes Digital Agency as a Motion Designer.

Sarah’s got creativity running through her veins! She loved drawing and art as a kid, so Animation was a natural career choice for her.

Something she’ll never forget was making a funded animation short for Channel 4’s random acts!

She joined the Powerhouse team in 2021, needing a change from agency life and wanting to work at a production house so badly. Since then, she’s been involved in countless projects, enhancing, and elevating them with the use of Animation.

Sarah is our stop motion queen and loves having complete free reign brief. If you know her, you’ll know that she’s a big fan of holiday seasons, and especially, Halloween. She could talk for days about it and develop the most perfect concept for your brand.

When she’s not in the studios… you can find her playing with her two kittens!