Virtual Reality facilities with different backgrounds and scenes

The future of Content Production

Virtual Production merges the physical and digital worlds, creating personalised, omni-channel,  and sustainable visual content faster than traditional content production approaches.

In traditional production, we’re restricted by time on-set, location, available space, props, weather, storage, and seasonality. With our “Mixed Media VP Approach” we bring these considerations off the studio floor and into the planning stage.

Virtual Production really is the future of creative production, it represents an opportunity to create more with less. That’s less carbon emissions, less shoot days, less travel, less materials, and less energy, fundamentally creating less waste.

Virtual reality facilities with influencers

Modernising Production Pipelines

The modern approach to production is not a ‘waterfall process‘ anymore, and campaigns are no longer delivering ‘platform specific’ assets only.

This changes the way we, as creators, approach content and production planning – allowing our strategies to adapt and scale, and deliver more personalisation, across more creatively varied media, whilst maintaining the agility in dynamic ‘always on’ workstreams.

At Powerhouse, we’re using Virtual Production across a variety of content types, using the same digital sets: e-commerce, digital, social media, OOH, ATL, and more.

Why adopt this approach?

Increased efficiency
  • Pre-visualise everything remotely (VAD)
  • Reduce shoot-day set changes or prop sourcing
  • Increase time for actually shooting content
Fast flexibility
  • Hyper-personalisation of lifestyle context
  • Adaptable digital usage
  • Quick location changes
  • All-year-round seasonality
More sustainable
  • Reduced travel demands
  • Lower demand for physical set components
  • Eco-friendly LED Volumes (renewable energy)
Virtual Production examples, tabletop food industry

Our Services

Virtual Production is not just for the movies anymore. At Powerhouse, we integrate Virtual Production throughout your content pipeline, from TV commercials to TikTok videos and everything in between.

It goes beyond simply shooting scenes on a large LED screen. We work at different scales, with various setups like dual LED screens, green screens, and more.

Our services are VP Product, VP Move, VP Live and VP Extend.

Virtual Production Studios Powerhouse
Virtual Production Studios Powerhouse

VP Product

VP Product uses a single large scale LED panel mounted on a moveable and rotatable rig. This smaller footprint allows this ‘production stream’ to be more agile and scalable, with the possibility of up to 8 rigs in a single studio, managed by a hybrid crew. This route is perfect for ‘table-top’ work, digital set extensions, product content capture, complex refractions, and variable context shooting.

Woman in green screen studio being filmed using CGI in the background

VP Move

This is captured in our Green Screen Studio. Our lighting and capture cameras are physically and virtually linked to digital counterparts. Allowing the content to be tracked, captured, composited, and live keyed directly into our Unreal Engine post environment whilst on set.

This means talent, creatives, art department, and post production can visualise the end shot on set. This hybridisation between digital and physical means we can create layers of depth within the shot that can be either real or virtual. The content pipeline still includes a post-production finishing process, however this is much quicker as assets, tracking data, and frame composition are defined already.

Green screen studio, filming live broadcast

VP Live

VP Live is our LIVE Broadcast streaming function for Virtual Production. This is also captured in our 8m wide Greenscreen Studio. Our lighting and capture cameras are physically and virtually linked to digital counterparts.

This process allows talent to interact with a virtual space on set, which is tracked, keyed, composited, and finished all within the Unreal Engine. This is deployed, in real time, over high-speed hardwired connections to the chosen delivery platform.

Room displayed in Virtual Reality facility for content production

VP Extend

This is our 17.5m wide collection of LED screens at XPLOR. A collection of 160 high-density LED panels, allowing content to be captured at the widest compositional angles.

Our lighting and capture cameras are physically and virtually linked to digital counterparts. The digital set is displayed to the orientation, focal distance, lens selection, and position by the movement and control of the physical cameras.

This route is perfect for location replacement, establishing scenes, shots utilising cast members, digital set extensions, and variable location and context shooting.

Case Study

See how Virtual Production helped New York Bakery Co take their brand’s visual identity and authenticity to a whole new level, without leaving our studios.

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