Studio 02

Malham Cove

A 1,345 sqft versatile infinity cove that can be painted any colour and used in a wide range of projects from Fashion to VFX, Green Screen and Virtual Production. It’s ideal for photography, and motion projects: films, TV commercials and live streaming.

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Malham Cove

1,345 sq ft

Studio 01 Powerhouse, Production Company in Leeds

What makes this studio so perfect

Located on the ground floor, Malham Cove is one of our most popular studios. The perfect solution to meet the needs of a virtual set and working with digital photography backgrounds, without breaking the bank.

This studio includes a client area with a sofa, guest WiFi, a make up vanity mirror with lights and a small changing room.

The scale of Malham Cove allows for big video shoots to happen, with sound recording included. Alternatively, it can fit two product photography rigs.

All studios are capable of shooting flash and LED constant light and have access to 3 phase power hook ups for more powerful lights.

Client Area and Make Up Artist

Adding special detail to any set

We have not only the creative and skills to make your idea come to life, but also an entire collection of props, surfaces and backgrounds.