How to create content sustainably in 2022

Watch a replay of this webinar to find out how to save money when creating content, with practical recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint of Production.

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October 1, 2022

James Pierechod

A familiar challenge facing brand marketers is sustaining a diverse stream of visual content across many digital platforms, which often seems like an endless pursuit of the next social post to keep feeds rolling.

And now, with the threat posed by climate change, there’s a growing need to consider an environmentally responsible approach to content production too.

Don’t miss this free webinar where we’ll delve into some practical solutions to these problems.


Bring purpose back to your content calendar

Ways to approach content strategy planning (and we get that it feels impossible to find the time) so there is a reason behind your content instead of constantly reacting.


Avoid wasting budget during production

Exploring the impact that a modern production methodology can have in terms of efficiency, cost savings and, ultimately, your budget.


Shoot more responsibly with greener practices

A look at process changes and new shooting techniques that can reduce the carbon footprint of production and help tackle the issue of food waste from shoots.

Check out what we’re already doing for the environment here at Powerhouse.