A dual brand shoot: The art of unified Production

MPM Products is a renowned global pet food brand that originated in 2002 with a commitment to providing high-quality, natural pet nutrition.  

The company’s portfolio includes well-regarded brands such as Applaws and Encore, offering premium pet food options sourced ethically and designed for the well-being of cats and dogs.  

With a presence in 49 markets worldwide and offices in the UK, Australia, China, and the USA, MPM has established itself as a leader in the pet food industry. The brand’s global reach reflects its dedication to delivering top-tier products to pet owners around the world, emphasising natural ingredients and ethical sourcing. 

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March 14, 2024

Production Strategy




The brief

MPM was in the lookout for a production partner to help them fill an asset gap for their brands Encore and Reveal, which was causing pain points for consumers in terms of product usage and overall brand identity.  

Their aim was to develop a comprehensive suite of digital assets for deployment across various channels, including their website, Google and Meta platforms. Despite having different brand names, Encore and Reveal share identical brand propositions, TOV and identities, except Encore trades in UK/EMEA and Reveal trades in the US. 

With the ultimate ambition of establishing themselves as the foremost premium cat food brand, the focus of this campaign was to craft a brand experience centred around the user and the shopper. Emphasising the distinctive product qualities and variety of usages of complementary products, the strategy aimed to achieve two key objectives: 

  • For new shoppers, the goal was to heighten brand awareness and encourage trial engagement. 
  • For existing customers, the emphasis was on reinforcing the brand narrative and identity, with a particular focus on the Reveal product line. 

To bring this vision to life, MPM needed comprehensive end-to-end support, ranging from creative concept development to the final output of assets. 

The challenges

We faced a number of challenges along the way:  

Crafting compelling content: This was a key focus, and required a thoughtful approach, striking a balance between educational value and an engaging narrative.  

Introducing a new product: Another significant challenge was creating awareness among the US market about Reveal’s recent launch of complete dry food. This required a focused effort to educate customers on how this new product could be an integral part of a cat’s complete diet. 

Showcasing product quality: MPM aimed to visually bring out the best of their products, emphasising its unique features. This required a careful approach, ensuring that the content not only showcased the product’s physical attributes but also conveyed its overall appeal to potential customers. 

Working with animals (especially cats): As much as we love them, shooting with animals is always a challenge, and when it comes to cats, well, it becomes even more intricate. Selecting the perfect model involved meticulous criteria, considering both appearance and behaviour. 

Efficient project planning: Confronted with a considerable volume of content, spanning both video and photo assets, and operating within a limited timeframe, we relied on our extensive production experience to thoughtfully plan the project. Coordinating multiple teams simultaneously proved vital for ensuring a smooth delivery. 

Future adaptability: MPM had a clear vision of future adaptability for all content. This challenge required careful consideration of different formats, negative space, and specifications to ensure the versatility and longevity of the content.  

Our approach

Recognising the client’s history of conducting multiple shoots, our initial approach aimed at streamlining the process and optimising efficiency. Rather than spreading the shoots across various timelines, we consolidated all the necessary content creation (for both brands) into a single, comprehensive production. This approach not only saved valuable time and resources but also ensured a consistent visual language and messaging throughout the campaign. 

Placing the product at the centre stage emerged as a paramount focus, with a dedicated emphasis on both presentation and education. Recognising that this was the biggest factor for the campaign’s success, we strategically designed our content to highlight the product effectively. The food served strictly followed product guidelines, emphasising our dedication to educating consumers on usage. 

To compliment the product, we used a range of techniques, such as animation, breathing life into the narrative. This not only added a dynamic element to the content but also served as a strategic tool to captivate the audience and convey the brand’s message with resonance. 

Acknowledging the importance of a smooth post-production process, we took a proactive approach by having a Visual Effects (VFX) supervisor on set. This expert oversight ensured seamless coordination between the shoot and post-process, minimising content wastage, and maximising the time spent on set. The VFX supervisor played a crucial role in maintaining the continuity and visual integrity of the content. 

The toolkit

Powerhouse provided a creative solution to help educate our US consumers on how to feed Reveal, along with highlighting the brands unique product qualities. The campaign resulted in brand awareness lift of 1pp. The creative also made it easier for our US consumers to see how Reveal can be part of their cat’s repertoire.

Dominica Rennard

Marketing Manager (Global Brand Build), MPM Products

The launch video


The campaign’s results were noteworthy, successfully delivering a total of 118 videos and 140 photos, and 2 extensive toolkits, all accomplished within a mere 4 shooting days.

This stands in contrast to the usual approach, which would have entailed two separate production windows, significantly increasing both costs and time.

Additionally, the motion ads showcased outstanding performance with a 3x increase in Click-Through Rate, while the campaign achieved a brand awareness lift of at least 1 percentage point (pp) for those exposed.


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