Molly Martin

Production Administrator

Creative, encouraging and motivated. Molly got a BA First Class Honours in Fashion Photography, with Powerhouse being her ever first job. Her passion comes from how much she enjoys being in a creative environment, surrounded by like-minded people, and so Powerhouse seemed like the perfect match for her. When she plans her work, she visualises the final outcome in her head, then works backwards to find the starting point, and make it a reality.

“Since joining, I’ve learnt so much more about the industry, particularly working with food, and I’m excited to continue to learn more!” – Molly.

She feels proud to have been part of Magnet‘s latest campaign, and various Marketing projects, but her greatest achievement so far is having her work featured on Vogue Italia’s ‘Photo Vogue’ website. Impressive.

When she’s not in the studios, you can find her at a kilo sale looking for new vintage clothes to add to her collection or learning Italian on Duolingo!