Laura Holsey

Production Executive

Energetic, adaptable, and multitasker. Laura’s passion for Production goes way back in time. She was always the kid inside recording old movies on VHS and getting square eyes watching TV, but it was her English teacher who encouraged her to pursue filmmaking and other creative arts. Laura got a BA in Film Studies. During university, she ran the short film society producing promotional material for local businesses to make their own income and fund fiction projects. Without knowing it, she had started pursuing a career path in Production.

Laura joined the Powerhouse team through the Kickstart Scheme as a Production Assistant. Since then, she’s learnt anything and everything about digital content production for stills and is slowly working her way into video.

“It’s been awesome to work with the lovely team at Dr Oetker on baking stills and video under a wide range of events and campaigns such as Easter, Eid, Great British Bake Off, and Christmas. Plus, free cake on set is a massive upside. Their vegan coffee cake is the best dessert I’ve ever tried!”

Laura is a ball of energy. You’ll often find her doing dance moves around our studios, lifting everyone’s spirits. Her confidence and charisma definitely motivate us all. It’s contagious!