Kim Woods

Account Director

Kim has been in the creative industry for 15 years. In the fields of illustration, packaging design, and now content creation. She’s passionate about all things crafty, DIY, upcycled, colourful, illustrated, reused and reloved, and is something that has been there since her childhood, as she grew up in a crafty family, and had some fantastic art teachers. Growing from Office Junior to Director is without a doubt her greatest achievement, staying true to her values, growing in confidence, and gaining recognition is a huge reward for her.

“I believe you can still be highly professional but warm and down to earth too” – Kim.

The infectious positivity and a nurturing, genuine culture brought her to Powerhouse; being a client before, she’s always wanted to become one of us. And here she is, bringing exceptional client services, having creative input, and managing our clients’ expectations.