Ben Martin

Client Services Manager

Friendly, geeky, and Powerhouse‘s latest drinks expert. Ben has worked with luxury drinks brands for the past 4 years in both brand and agency roles. He’s driven by creating beautiful, purposeful content for digital and print media.

Ben joined the Powerhouse team in Summer 2022, being drawn by the content we produce and the possibilities to work on huge projects with exciting brands in the F&B industry. If he could team up with any brand, it would be G.F Smith:

“Paper is such a tactile & simple medium but can have so many different textures and can translate emotion from the content (or lack of) printed onto it. Being able to capture those emotions and communicate them visually to people is such a satisfying idea” – Ben.

Outside of the studios, he loves doing a bit of graphic design, 3D modelling and being the best dad to his 6-year-old Lhasa Apso Mika.