James Sargent

Food Creative

Friendly, focused, and a massive foodie. James has always loved food, growing up his Chinese-Malay mother introduced him to a plethora of flavours, and taught him to cook dishes that her own mother had taught her. He was fortunate enough to travel a lot as a child; the holidays became culinary journeys where he explored new and exciting cuisines. Whilst he spent several years teaching in secondary schools, his passion for food has never waned. Taking a break from the classroom, he set up his own street food business, preparing and serving Malaysian dishes for the masses. He joined Powerhouse as an Assistant and has since worked in the Production and Client Services department, gaining valuable experience of how the industry works and what makes our clients tick. He’s now transitioned into the Food Team, pursuing his all-time dream to become a food stylist.

“Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your work out there: scrolling through Instagram and coming across a shot I’ve worked on fills me with so much pride that I’m smiling just thinking about it!”