Powerhouse joins Ad Net Zero to reduce industry emissions

This month, we’ve become the first independent agency in Yorkshire to join Ad Net Zero, the global steering group supporting the advertising industry in tackling the climate emergency. It joins some of the world’s biggest agency holding groups, media owners and tech companies to set the agenda and drive sustainability policy for the advertising industry and those associated with it.  

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October 6, 2023

Neil Adams

99% of content briefs overlook sustainability  

It’s no secret that our industry can be carbon heavy. We’ve been working on addressing this for some time and we’re passionate about supporting our clients to do the same. We’re finding that most of our clients have a keen focus on operating sustainably for commercial reasons, but often this sustainability mandate does not translate into day-to-day practices. 99% of the briefs we’ve received in 2023 have overlooked sustainability considerations and 96% of clients we’ve worked with this year have not requested our sustainability credentials. We want to support our clients to change this.

Neil Adams

CEO at Powerhouse

As an official supporter of Ad Net Zero UK, we will participate in the creation of sustainability standards and best practices which will shape the industry. It will also have early access to brand new tools, resources and regulatory changes which, with the help of the wider Ad Net Zero team, it will be able to embed into its own and its clients’ work.  


We will also be responsible for helping to implement Ad Net Zero’s five-point action plan to decarbonising the advertising industry and promoting sustainable practices. The plan includes the mandatory setting of public science-based net zero targets, as well as annual reporting against those targets.  


Our sustainability journey

Powerhouse’s sustainability journey started in earnest during Covid, when we couldn’t physically get to shoots. We quickly found solutions through technology and innovation, and it became apparent that these solutions were both more sustainable and more efficient. Since then, we’ve championed sustainable solutions, from creating virtual sets to creatively replicating overseas locations in the UK and switching to plant-based menus. Our approach requires more effort up front, but we do things properly and do them once, meaning there’s no waste. We’ve won awards for our sustainable content creation and we’re looking forward to working with Ad Net Zero to take our work in this field to the next level.

Neil Adams

CEO at Powerhouse

Sharing best practice:
An online event

To mark this partnership, we are hosting an online roundtable event on 24th October to inspire a fresh perspective and proactive mindset towards more sustainable and responsible marketing practices. Speakers at Sense and Sustainability: The true struggle of balancing process, profit, and planet, include Elle Chartres, UK director at Ad Net Zero and Sam Blunt, Net Positive and Corporate Affairs Director at Quorn. More names are to be announced. Chairing the discussion will be Gareth Turner, Strategic Marketing Advisor and Director at Big Black Door: Register here. 

We are delighted to welcome Powerhouse to the Ad Net Zero UK supporter base. Our goal is to accelerate climate action across the advertising ecosystem, and it’s brilliant to be collaborating with organisations that share these goals from all corners of the UK.

Elle Chartres

UK Director at Ad Net Zero