5 reasons to shoot with one big studio

What do you get when you cross 9 photographers with 7 studios, 5 producers, 4 studio support staff, 3 creative directors, 2 marketeers and 1 whole motion department? No, not a partridge in a pear tree, but something just about as rare.

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August 28, 2018

Maite Gonzalez

At Powerhouse we’re a pretty large-scale production. We house every person, department and facility within 14,000 sq ft. of studio space because, that way, you’ll get a hell of a lot more out of us.

Studio 01 Powerhouse
1. Believe it or not, it’s cheaper


When all departments sit full-time under one roof, you get a less fragmented workflow of production. This ensures a better utilisation of resources and means lower overheads. Lower overheads = cost savings for all parties.  Win, Win!

What’s more, in our case, being based in the North affords us not only more space but also a cheaper cost of running production, which can then lend itself to cheaper shoot rates for you.

Studio 05 and 06 Powerhouse
2. It’s more responsive


We don’t just have the headcount we do because it makes for a better Christmas party.  We have so much in-house talent because it means we can respond to a brief much quicker with a much higher rate of availability.  That’s right, even a Thursday request for a Friday BBQ shoot!

We don’t just reserve this resource for last minute requests though.  It also means shoots can take place across fewer days by utilizing multiple rigs, which brings us on to the third benefit…

Powerhouse facilities
3. You get more content


More content in less time, because photographers have the space and resources to work alongside each other, matching into one another’s rigs… but also, more content in general.

Rarely do we work on a solely stills or solely video project as the demand for digital content in volume grows.  That’s why we’ve built our offering, and skill-set, to be able to capture multiple assets on the same shoot, using the same crew and setup. Why duplicate work and cost unnecessarily?

Studio 02 Powerhouse
4. It’s brand consistent


Whether you require 1 or 6 photographers on your shoot, having a centralized quality control process ensures that you get the volume you need but not at the expense of quality. Quality is always #1.

Alongside quality though, you want to make sure the look and feel of your brand is clear and consistent for your audience. We shoot assets for different departments using the same set up to save your money, yes, but also so that all your work looks like it came out of the same studio… Because it did!

Studio 07 Powerhouse
5. Finally, it gets you the best team


Ever heard anyone say “Jack of all trades, master of ALL”?  We haven’t either. That’s why when there are so many creatives in-house, you can ensure you’re getting the best crew for your shoot because we can afford to work to each crew member’s specialism.

What’s more, when you have a team that completely ranges in experience from 30+ years to less than 3 years… we’re able to offer varying rates dependent on said experience. All work has the PH stamp of approval, you can just save your budget on the simpler shots to allocate more to the complex creations.