Jo Kendall

Senior Producer

Positive, energetic and a big doer. Jo has an amazing background story. She made her way into the industry 39 years ago, starting out with window dressing, then training in marketing, leadership, time management and art direction. Jo has worked at Edgards (South Africa), Empire Stores, Creative Race, Four Ninety, Reflective (her own business), Fisheye and now at “the fabulous Powerhouse” (her own words), where she’s been for over four years.

“I always admired Powerhouse from a far and I’m now honoured to be part of the team. I have since had the opportunity to work in the world of TV and direct some astonishing projects” – Jo.

Two projects she’s particularly proud to have been part of are a Portugal location shoot for Booths, capturing the journey of Port from picking, treading and finally on shelf; and also Morrisons’ Christmas books over the years, which always involve three rigs, three photographers and three food stylists over the course of two weeks!

Anyone who knows Jo will tell you she’s a ray of sunshine. She lights up every room she walks into, despite always wearing her favourite colour – black. In fact, it’s super common to see her singing or reciting a poem on our company meetings!

We all need a Jo in our lives, and we’re lucky to have her.