James Pierechod

Head of Creative

James is our Creative team’s captain. A skilled enforcer, strategist, analyst and a huge innovator. He has over 20 years’ experience in the creative industry and has been a core part of the Powerhouse team since 2020. James lives and breathes data, is motivated by competition, and loves exploring what’s next and what that opportunity looks like. He’s immensely proud of where Powerhouse has got to, and more importantly where we’re going.

“We empower an attitude of care and curiosity across everything we do. Our approach, team, and capability has changed so much in the last 2 years. We all work and learn from each other – we take pride in bringing disciplines together and using our collective creative ideas to fuel our growth” – James.

James has won Content Awards with Hertz, Solopress, MBNA, Etihad, LGz, and also EU Search Awards for LV and Hertz… which proves his commitment to quality, attention to detail and process driven success.

There’s no such thing as seeing ideas in just one medium for James… they typically start on the drawing board, before moving into a digital space, where he can move around as quick as he can. With his new obsession being AI-powered platforms, like MidJourney or DALL-E 2.

James has worked with countless clients over the years, each one more special than the other, but his most memorable project was with 247 Blinds. Surprisingly! It took trust, vision, and time to deliver on their needs (3 year campaign) but the results were truly phenomenal.