Charlotte Stevens

Head of Commercial & Marketing

Enthusiastic, positive, and decisive. Charlotte joined Powerhouse in 2016, being a passionate marketeer wanting to work with cool clients on fun ad campaigns. Today, she gets to speak and collaborate with them daily and help them smash their content goals.

She’s grown and learnt so much over the years, especially having had four roles. From working as a shoot Producer, to becoming our Marketing Manager and then establishing and growing our Client Services team and wider business. Across all of these roles she’s strived to work hard, be a nice person, trust her gut and do the right thing.

What she loves the most is and has always been seeing our work out “in the wild”, across billboards, TV, stores and online. There’s something truly special about it.

Contrary to the shower analogy, she gets most of her ideas whilst brushing her teeth, and because she works a lot in Miro boards, they also usually follow that joined up, spider diagram look. Another fun fact about Charlotte is… she often drafts emails in her head and then realises she never actually wrote them!

She’s a key part of the Powerhouse team. Everyone’s go-to person and an absolute joy to work with. It’s hard to imagine the office without her!